"Symphonies of Movement and Color: Scriabin's Prometheus", One-Off ONLINE STREAM, Thursday 8 May 2014

Fry Street Quartet Play Live

 Download: Prometheus Poster PDF (PDF  , 245kb)

This concert, organised by Network Partner Dr. Christopher Scheer, was part of a year long series of events at USU under the "Enchanted Modernities" umbrella, which was made possible in part through funding from the Leverhulme grant. It originally took place at Kent Music Hall, Utah State University on 23 November 2013. It featured two works which connect with the Enchanted Modernities theme, the British composer Gustav Holst's Hymn of Jesus, and the Russian Alexander Scriabin's Prometheus Poem of Fire. The latter was accompanied by spectacular colored lighting effects that the composer specified in his musical score, despite the fact that when the work was premiered in 1905 such effects were impossible to achieve. The concert was put on by the massed choirs of USU and the USU Symphony Orchestra.

As part of this event Laura Jackson, Music Director of the Reno Philharmonic conducted the concert and was in residence at USU for the week before. Dr. Jackson is one of the most vibrant young conductors in the United States today.

In addition, Dr. Anna Gawboy, assistant professor of music theory at The Ohio State University was in residence. It is her scholarly work on Scriabin's Prometheus which led to the realization of the lighting effects the audience experienced at the concert. You can get an idea of what the event was like by watching one of Dr. Gawboy's earlier attempts when she was a graduate student at Yale. Gawboy also spoke during the concert, placing a context around Scriabin for the audience before it was played.

Also in Logan for part of the week was Network Partner Dr. Marco Pasi, who is Associate Professor (UD1) in History of Hermetic Philosophy and related currents at the University of Amsterdam. Pasi is a leader in the cultural history of esotericism. He provided additional contextual information on the place of the pieces in western esotericism.

Related talks by Dr Scheer and Dr Anna Gawboy were streamed online directly after the concert.