John Foulds, "I: Requiem" and XIII: In Pace "Hymn of the Redeemed", A World Requiem, Op. 60 - ‘a tribute to the memory of the Dead — a message of consolation to the bereaved of all countries’ (1918-20) (Royal Albert Hall, Live Recording: Chandos Records, 2007).

Photograph taken at the fourth Armistice Day performance of John Foulds’s A World Requiem at the Royal Albert Hall, 1926
I: Requiem (1 minute, MP3 audio, 256KBPS)
XIII: In Pace "Hymn of the Redeemed" (1 minute, MP3 audio, 256KBPS)
A World Requiem was first performed at the Royal Albert Hall on Armistice Night 1923, then again on Armistice Nights 1924, 1925 (at Queens Hall), and 1926.  Thereafter other forms of musical commemoration were favoured for Armistice Night. MacCarthy never gave up trying to reinstate the Requiem in the affections of the British (musical) establishment, and left clear instructions for potential editors and performers in Foulds’s score about how the piece should be executed. See exhibition Case 3 for programmes of Armistice Night performances of A World Requiem and pages from Foulds's conducting score.

 	Ann McKay
 	Ralph Couzens
 	Sound Engineers:
 	Neil Pemberton
 	Malcolm Stokes (Assistant)

        Jeanne-Michèle Charbonnet soprano
 	Catherine Wyn-Rogers mezzo-soprano
 	Stuart Skelton tenor
 	Gerald Finley baritone
 	Trinity Boys Choir
 	Crouch End Festival Chorus
 	Philharmonia Chorus
 	BBC Symphony Chorus
 	BBC Symphony Orchestra
 	Leon Botstein