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The Three Graces project, undertaken from February to May 2013, sought to develop and deepen the mutually beneficial knowledge exchange partnership that has been in place between the University of York’s History of Art Department and the Victoria & Albert Museum since 2010. Both consolidating and extending the partnership between institutions by building on the existing scholar exchange programme. Dr. Herrington’s project at the V&A bought into focus an under-studied, but crucial, field of the arts and humanities, fostered through teaching and research at University of York. Through a series of lasting outcomes and project-related events her work opened up possibilities for involvement and enrichment at the V&A for a wider network of the York research community (including those in History of Art, Women’s Studies and Nineteenth-Century Studies) and for the wider public.

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This online exhibition and resource site has been made possible through an AHRC Cultural Engagement Grant provided by the Humanities Research Centre and History of Art Department at the University of York and in collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. I am grateful to my mentor at the University of York, Prof. Judith Buchanan and to Dr. Glenn Adamson (former Head of Research, V&A) for their support of the project. In the History of Art Department at York, I would like to thank Prof. Jason Edwards for his unabiding encouragement and Prof. Elizabeth Prettejohn for taking an interest in my work. At the V&A, thanks go to the Photography Department, particularly Peter Kelleher, Paul Gardner and the resident intern; Jenny Lister (Curator of Fashion and Textiles) for special arrangements made for me to view crucial material; Nicola Froggatt, Helen Woodfield, Sue Prichard, Prof. Sandra Kemp and numerous others for being so welcoming during my time at the Museum and for the help that they provided along the way. Also in London, Philip Attwood and his staff in the British Museum's Department of Coins and Medals. Special thanks are reserved for the lenders of material to the exhibition and the curatorial, archival and image departments at the institutions involved: The Victoria & Albert Museum, The British Museum, The Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge, The Maltwood Museum, Victoria, Canada and anonymous private collectors. Last, but not least, thank you to the Digital Library Team at York, who have worked with me to create the online exhibition, particularly Julie Allinson, for her management of the project and her advice, Matthew Herring for his digital renderings of the artworks within an authentic V&A gallery space and web developer, Fergus McGylnn for the programming work behind the scenes that has brought all the components of the site together.

Curator Biography

Dr. Katie Tyreman Herrington received her doctorate in History of Art in 2013 for her thesis, Between Women: Visualizing Victorian Women Artists’ Identities through Art Movements, Media and Scale, c. 1848-1898, which she completed in the Department of History of Art, University of York (UK). Her art-historical interests lie in nineteenth-century British and European art and she is particularly concerned with the material qualities of Victorian paintings. Dr. Herrington’s research focuses on artworks produced by a number of women artists who worked beyond predetermined categories and between disciplines and media and explores their formation of specific artistic identities through their art.