Turner and the Whale: Position Papers

To celebrate the Turner and the Whale exhibition at Hull Maritime Museum, the department of History of Art at the University of York hosted a one-day international and interdisciplinary symposium considering key images and objects from the exhibition and the Hull collections. The participants were invited to offer a short, c.3k word position paper, responding to the collections or exhibition in any way that they chose, and the papers range across the fields of marine painting, critical animal studies, interdisciplinary folk art and craft studies, Arctic studies, and British art history.

Introduction: Turner in the City of Culture? Introductory Sketches

Turner, Again? Or (Neo-)Liberal Turner

Turner in the Circum-Polar and Circum-Atlantic Worlds

Out of their Element? Imaging Aquatic Mammals

The Ethics of Scrimshaw

Depicting the Northern Circum-Polar World