The Whaling Fleet of Sir Samuel Standidge Depicting the Ships 'Mary', 'Samuel', 'Lady Jane' and 'Greenland - Robert Willoughby (1788)
oil on canvas, 97 x 133.5 cm
KINCM:2007.1322, Hull Maritime Museum

Whaling captain Sir Samuel Standidge was one of the most significant patrons in Hull in the eighteenth century, as we see elsewhere in the collection, commissioning gentlemanly self-portraits and marine scenes, like this one, depicting his fleet. The canvas focuses on the Mary, Samuel, Lady Jane, and Greenland, and the artist again revises Brooking’s Greenland Whale Fishery. The patriotic painter again adds a pair of Union Jacks ensigns to the ships in the centre and on the right, and changes the weather conditions, making the sea darker and colder and the sky on the right more threatening, perhaps to suggest the heroism of Standidge’s men. As in The Hull Whaling Fleet of Sir Samuel Standidge, the artist breaks the realism of the image by adding a framed label in the bottom right-hand corner.

Credit: Images are courtesy of the Hull Maritime Museum