The Swan and Isabella - John Ward (c.1830)
oil on canvas, 33 x 51 cm
Hull Maritime Museum: KINCM:2007.1442

This second version of Ward's Swan and Isabella shares many features with the first. Ward again employs a distinctive ice-berg as the recessional point between the two whaleboats, and relocates his foreground pair of walruses, in the earlier image, to the right background. He also again employs his characteristically cartographic description of ice floes in the foreground, nodding again to the coastal profiling of the northwest passage that was ongoing in the period, although he locates them this time on the right, rather than the left side of the canvas. Ward also reverses the direction of the clouds on the horizon line, from the right orientation in the original, which follows the direction of the reader-viewer's gaze, to the left in the second version, thus pushing back against that direction of view. That there are a pair of images suggest that Ward had multiple patrons with an interest in the two ships.

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Credit: Images are courtesy of the Hull Maritime Museum