To the Honble. Sr John Eyles, Barrt. Sub-Governour of the South Sea-Company This plate of the whale or Greenland fishery is most humbly inscrib'd whale or Greenland fishery - Drawing Thomas Baston and engraved by Elisa Kirkhall (original c. 1725)
Reprint, Coloured engraving, 29.8 x 39.8 cm
KINCM:1981.544.6, Hull Maritime Museum

Typically considered as the first stand-alone British whaling print, the imagery is drawn from earlier Dutch examples. The print shows an Arctic scene, in which the whalers are clearly in control. A poorly-depicted polar bear and walrus are also being killed in the foreground. As Hull whaling captain William Barron recalled, whalers were instructed by their employers to “kill, slay and destroy any living animal or animals in the waters by day or by night.”  Contemporary depictions of whaling did not shy away from such violent scenes.

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Credit: Images are courtesy of the Hull Maritime Museum