1414: John Neuton and the Re-Foundation of York Minster Library

Homilarium aestivale de tempore (York Minster, MS XVI. P. 12)

This book contains eighty-two homilies on the gospels, most of which correspond to the Homiliary of Paul the Deacon. It was made in England in the mid twelfth century and is written on 152 parchment leaves measuring 391 x 274 mm. It is well written and has some initials decorated with arabesque ornament. It has been suggested that it may be the ‘librum pulcrum de diversis sermonibus’ (‘beautiful book of assorted sermons’) which Neuton bequeathed to the Minster. For a full description of the book see N. R. Ker and A. J. Piper, Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1992), IV, pp. 771-772.